8.3 Expectations and Post-Patch

8.3 Important Dates and Deadlines

  • 8.3 will be available to play on January 14th! The new Raid and the official start of Bfa season 4 is on January 21st!

**The deadline for HoA lvl 75 (only 5 lvls) is January 28th.**

What to do on Patch Day:

For a very detailed walkthrough on everything to do on patch day, please visit this Wowhead Link. The first thing you should do on January 14th when you log in is begin unlocking all of the brand new systems available in 8.3. Please allow yourself 1.5-2 hours to complete this before Raid on the 14th! It will all be pretty straight forward when you log in, follow the quests and pay attention to the currency that you obtain: [Coalescing Visions], they will be important for later. It is advised to complete this all with Warmode On, as you will be awarded bonus currency.

Professions? What??

The only new recipes worth noting coming in 8.3 will be for BoP crafted gear that can go up to ilvl 475. With enough grinding it is possible to unlock the highest ilvl before the raid comes out, however 460 gear is more than doable without making your eyes bleed. There is an in depth guide located in the Wowhead link in the above paragraph, the ultimate focus will be on grinding mobs.

Horrific Visions and [Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve]

This is the meat and potatoes of the patch if you will, and will be the primary form of week to week progression outside of M+ and Raid gear. Horrific Visions are a brand new Mage Tower/Deaths of Chromie inspired scenario set in a void corrupted version of either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. The object is to defeat the end boss to obtain an item that can be used to upgrade your brand new shiny legendary cape that Wrathion gives you.  To put it plainly, you need to complete Horrific Visions to upgrade your cloak. To enter a Horrific Vision, you need to purchase a [Vessel of Horrific Visions] from Wrathion with 10,000  [Coalescing Visions], the currency that is rewarded from completing the dailies in the two new zones introduced at the start of the patch. For an in depth look at how to acquire a large amount of [Coalescing Visions] at the start of the patch, please see this Wowhead article.

10,000x [Coalescing Visions] → 1x [Vessel of Horrific Visions]

=1x Legendary Upgrade

Inside Horrific Visions you can also collect the currency [Corrupted Momentos] which are used to perform [Titanic Research] on the legendary cloak that affects Sanity loss, Corruption resistance, and helps make horrific visions easier to explore. Sanity loss reduction will also be important for the final 2 boss fights of the raid.

Heart of Azeroth and New Essences

Ah yes. Everyone’s favourite part of the new patch. New AP traits to grind out, and hearing Dustin talk non-stop about how much higher his HoA lvl is than yours. There are 3 new power unlocks. A stamina buff at lvl 71, a new essence slot at 75, and another stamina buff at lvl 80. After lvl 80, continuing to grind AP will only increase the item level of your Neck and the Power of your Essences, but there are no more traits to grind beyond level 80.

New Essences!

There are 7 new essences being added in 8.3, 2 for each specialization (tank, heals, dps) and one for all specializations (like Crucible.) To read a detailed breakdown of each essence, please see this Wowhead link. It is worth noting that the new essences will grant you 10 Corruption Resistance, we’ll touch on what that means next. Finally, in 8.3 there will be reduced requirements for a select few essences that involve 8.2 content. Reputation requirements and currencies required are being reduced for Ankoan/Mechagon, and so is follower XP needed for Lucid Dreams. 

And last but certainly not least…

Titanforging Replacement: Corrupted Gear

Boy oh boy, as if things weren’t complicated enough with gearing and simming upgrades. For a more detailed overview, please visit this Wowhead link.

Items in 8.3 that drop will no longer randomly proc ilvl/sockets/stats, but instead Corrupt. This causes an item to gain two additional properties. A set # of “Corruption Stat” and a positive affix bonus that will grant the item additional power. The system works in a very similar manner to the items that were dropped in the Crucible of the Storms Mini-raid. What’s important to know is that the more Corruption Stat you have, the more negative effects you will experience + the more potent those effects will be. You can increase your Corruption Resistance by upgrading your Legendary Cloak. You can also decide to cleanse items of their random corruption procs, which will remove both the negative corruption stat AND the positive bonus, leaving you with the base item. 

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