The Eternal Palace: In Memoriaum

As we start to gear up for 8.3 and the next raid tier, let’s take a brief moment to look back on our successes from The Eternal Palace.

  • The Eternal Palace is the furthest Clairvoyance has gotten in a raid tier, completing 7/8 Mythic Bosses.
  • First Kill: Sivara, July 25th
  • Last Kill: Za’qul, November 21st
  • Current Ranking on Dalaran: 7th Total, 6th Alliance
  • Highest Ranking during Tier: 4th (Radiance of Azshara, Blackwater Behemoth)
  • Logged Kills of Sivara: 25
  • Longest Fight: Radiance of Azshara, 7:08 minutes
  • Best Attendance by a single character: Tie, Jdustin/Rime 68% of raids

Thanks you to our raiders, new and old. We look forward to seeing you all in Ny’alotha next week!

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