Guild Rules

Clairvoyance is a semi-hardcore raiding group, but we are also a group of family and friends that value our relationships with each other as much as we do our mythic progression. As such, please read and respect the following guidelines to ensure our community stays the positive environment we always hope for it to be.

Guild Rules

  1. Guild members are people first – not just voices behind a computer. Treat everyone with respect. 
  2. Clairvoyance is an incredibly diverse guild and we want everyone to feel welcome. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.
  3. If you have an issue with something or someone in the guild, let an officer know and we’ll do our best to remedy the situation.

Raid Rules & Expectations

  1. Our required addons for raid are:
    • DBM or Bigwigs
    • WeakAuras
    • Exorsus Raid Tools (with the note functionality enabled)

  2. Our typical raid schedule is:
    • Tuesday/Thursday 7:45-11 PM EST – Progression nights (required)
    • Wednesday 7:45-11 PM EST – Farm nights (optional, but highly encouraged)

  3. If you are going to be absent from raid, let us know 24 hours in advance so that we can fill your spot.

  4. We expect raiders to show up on time (7:45) and ready to raid. This includes getting re-roll tokens, enchantments, gems etc. BEFORE we begin the raid.

  5. We provide our raiders with flasks, food, and vantus runes (if appropriate) for each progression raid. We typically do not provide augment runes.

  6. We expect active raiders to enchant and gem their gear. These are typically available in the guild bank.

  7. Rules surrounding loot:
    • Raiders who do not need loot should whisper it to the officer responsible for rolling loot that night. It will be rolled off to the highest roller, with a priority system of giving it to Mains over Alts, and Main Specs over Alt Specs.
    • If you get a BOE and you are not going to equip, trade it to the loot officer for that night. They will sell it on the Auction House. Half of the money will go to the individual and half will go to the guild bank. This money is used to pay for food, flasks, runes, repairs, and other items needed for raid.

  8. We expect everyone to recognize that in order to have a successful mythic progression raiding guild, we need more than 20 people on the roster. As such, don’t be shocked or upset if you ever sit out due to having more than enough people on any given night. We will do our best to fairly rotate people.

  9. We’re not a fan of “raid-logging”, as this leads to much slower progression due to falling behind in item level and mechanical skill. As such, we expect a more-than-minimal amount of game play from progression raiders. This includes:
    • Weekly Islands (until neck level 80)
    • Weekly Mythic+ Chest
    • For 8.3, this includes Horrific Visions, Daily Lesser Visions, and Weekly Lesser Visions. We expect this will take less than two hours a week. For more information on how to do this efficiently, check out this Wowhead Article.
  10. We expect raiders to know the fights before we try them. This includes watching video guides, such as Fatboss or Stankie guides. We will discuss guild-specific strategies or assignments, but you are expected to know the major mechanics of the fight.
  11. We expect both tanks and healers to have a viable DPS off-spec, which is vital for ensuring we remain flexible when working on cutting-edge mythic bosses. If you do not have one, you may be asked to sit for a specific fight based on the composition needs.
  12. Similarly, we expect DPS players to be able to play their viable off-spec DPS roles (example: Aff/Destro/Demo lock, Outlaw/Sin rogue, Fire/Frost mage). While we don’t expect DPS players to all have tanking and healing off-specs, there are very often fights where a particular spec for a class is much stronger than that class’s other specs – think Destro lock on Court/Za’qul. Increased flexibility leads to faster progression, so stay ahead of the curve and be prepared in advance so we don’t have to wait for you to learn to play your class.
  13. Finally – while we’re a fun guild and we enjoy meme’ing around, know the appropriate time and place. Mythic progression is a time for buckling down and getting more serious – save the memes for farm reclears.


  1. Typically, our trial period lasts two weeks. During that time, trials should be ready to attend either main nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or farm nights on Wednesdays. (Typically farm nights the first week and main nights the second week)
  2. Trials may (but are not required) to join the guild during their trial period.
  3. Turtledog is our officer in charge of recruitment – if you have any additional questions, contact him at Roadhogxd#1485.
  4. If you would like to apply, click here!


  1. Raiders are promoted to Veteran status after 6 consecutive months of progression raiding. Congrats, we officially like you!
  2. Veteran status is lost if a person stops raiding (for whatever reason) for at least 2 months – but they may be promoted again if they come back to progression raiding for another 2 months.