Argentan / Robert

Argentan (Robert) founded Clairvoyance with some friends nearly 10 years ago back in Cataclysm after running a successful pug group for a few months. He’s been at the helm in Cata, Mists, (not WoD because everyone stopped playing), Legion, and now BFA. These days, he’s an Ohio lawyer serving as the guild lead and the primary raid lead. He might have a monotone and deadpan voice, but he has two adorable cats so he can’t be that bad. He enjoys many other games in addition to WoW, such as anything Nintendo, League of Legends, and Dark Souls.


Hailing from the great city of Atlanta, Dustin is the HR officer. His primary role is checking in with guild members for feedback, resolving any issues between members, and making sure the environment stays friendly and fun. Additionally, he also serves as the webmaster.


The Healing Officer of Clairvoyance. Cygen is responsible for the healing core and ensuring that they keep us above 0 health until we get the boss below zero health. A legion baby, hes been raid healing since Mythic Antorus. He’s experienced in raid healing as Resto Druid, Disc Priest, and has mained a Holy Paladin for all of Bfa. Being from Canada, he enjoys long walks in the snow with his Husky and otherwise ignoring hes two cats while they meow for food 24/7.


Vaereth is a man of mystery! He is the secondary raid caller and one of the chief strategists in the guild. When he isn’t running through the current raid tier, you will find him in a high level dungeon leading the way to destroy the enemy before the timer ticks to 0.


A Legion baby and the guilds loveable Brit. Fond of earl grey tea and makes awesome spaghetti. He deals with the recruitment side of things for the guild. Also the best Roadhog you’ll ever meet if you ever catch him playing Overwatch.